Library & Media Center

Welcome to the Hillside’s School Library and Media Center page. We believe that with diligence and access to the right tools, everybody can succeed. Our library is an open and friendly environment for students to gather and learn. Students and faculty will find a wide and varied collection of print, online, and digital selections that meet the diverse interests of our community. Our library and media center specialist, Mrs. Klink, is happy to help. Be sure to come in often.

Mrs. Klink’s Philosophy

The School Library and Media Program (SLMP) philosophy is to provide an opportunity for students and the school community to explore their curiosity and interests while achieving the goals of the district curriculum. The Library Media Center (LMC) program is an open door to exploration and advancement into the 21st century. A warm and welcoming environment allows students to develop learning, problem-solving, and cooperative skills. The goal of the LMC is to promote students who are lifelong learners, explorers, and readers.

The SLMP ensures that "students and staff are effective users of ideas and information” (AASL Empowering Learners, 2009, p 8). It provides students a variety of fiction, non-fiction, biography, and reference print material as well as periodicals and diverse technologies students need to move forward with confidence as they progress through the school system and into the real world.

The School Library and Media Specialist (SLMS) is available to work collaboratively with students and faculty to delve into the requirements of The New Jersey Standards. The SLMS works with students and faculty to promote information and technology literacy according to individual needs.

Our Purpose

The SLMP is a vital element of the curriculum. It serves to empower students and faculty to develop and nurture a love of reading and exploration. The SLMS uses innovative methods to encourage the use of a variety of print, media, and technologies. Students develop skills for higher achievement. The SLMP provides the love of reading and research. Students develop connections between their discoveries and the world around them. We encourage questioning and exploring in the LMC.


Students visit the LMC once per cycle with their class. During this time they may return and check out materials. If students forget to return items, they may visit before school, anytime in the morning with the classroom teacher's permission, and after school until the LMC closes. Once they return the late items, students may borrow more materials. Should items be lost or damaged beyond repair, students will need to pay the replacement cost of the item. We ask that students follow our library rules.

Our library collection features many books with diverse characters and stories. Please see below for a sample list of the books you may want to read!