Health Office

The health and wellbeing of our students and their families matter to us; students learn more, teachers instruct more effectively, and we all work smarter when we feel good.

Welcome Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Welcome to Hillside Elementary School! My name is Kristen Haenelt and I am happy to be your school nurse at Hillside Elementary School. I'd like to welcome you personally and I look forward to a wonderful and healthy school year. Please know that if I can be of assistance to you, you can reach me at (201) 768-3860 x. 41121 or by email. NJ Administrative Code citation 8:57 to 8:57-4.20 mandates each student meet certain requirements when entering a New Jersey school.  

We have these requirements listed below in order to make your child’s entry into the Closter School District as easy as possible. Please complete the forms below and return them to the nurse before your child begins school. Please notify the nurse if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health status. Thank you for your cooperation! 

  • Health assessment requirements for entry into Hillside Elementary School Entrance physical examination:
    Within thirty (30) days of entry, every new student must have a current physical examination on file. The attached form or a universal health record (located in the forms section of this page) from the pediatrician can be of use. These exams are valid for one year from the date on the exam. 
  • Immunization records:
    If you are transferring from another New Jersey school, you must provide these current records upon entry. If you are transferring from out of state or out of country, you will have thirty (30) days to present these records. If this requirement is not met within the time allowed, your child will be excluded until these records are in our hands. All students who are entering pre-k have a requirement to have an annual dose of the Influenza Vaccine. We will exclude students from school who have not received the flu vaccine by December 31st for the duration of the influenza season (through March 31) or until they receive one dose of the flu vaccine
  • Mantoux (PPD) testing:
    Students transferring or born in certain countries wit a high incidence of tuberculosis as deemed by the state will be a requirement to have a Mantoux (PPD) skin test for tuberculosis. You may have this test done by your private physician. You must return these forms and return to the school nurse within the designated time frame. 

Thank you and welcome to Closter.